Contracting Hope

Licensed Professionals Constructing Hope 

Is your home in need of a helping hand? 

Who We Are:

Founded by licensed General Contractor and benefactor Blake Madgett of Madgett Construction INC, we are a small team comprised of licensed professionals and volunteers donating our time and materials to help homeowners and families in need who may not be able to afford the expense of professional repairs to ensure a safe and healthy home.  

Our Mission:

To provide relief to families and individuals in need, to ensure they have a healthy and safe place to lay their head at night.  Providing quality and professional contracting 100% free of charge, no strings attached! 

How We Work:

We first see if the owner's insurance policy will cover the damage or repairs required by working with professional private insurance adjusters.  If we are unable to get the work covered, don't worry we won't give up that easily! Small repairs we will cover out of pocket, larger projects we will work to raise the funds required to cover the costs associated.  Our labor is always free of charge, but as you know construction materials add up quickly, so we rely greatly on donations of any kind.  From building materials to monetary funding to food and beverages for the contractors and volunteers, anything we can do to reduce costs and increase the reach of our helping hands is appreciated!